Michael Webster

Michael Webster

Community Manager

Principal Franchise Pipeline

"Who do you know who wants to create their Branded Community on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn's new product -- Pages?

Pages is not just for big companies any more. Small & Medium sized businesses like yours can create their own Branded Community for: franchise recruiting, in market events, tourism destinations, journalism, book audiences, and almost anything which was an audience of readers & talkers.

An experienced community manager on LinkedIn can make that happen for your company -- creating your branded community. Build up your reach naturally & then take advantage of LinkedIn's ability to deliver your message to the right person and at the right time by sponsoring your messaging.

We have been building community on LinkedIn since 2010 & we’ll show you the way to get your community going. A couple of no-cost consultations will have you on your way. (No cost as in no money; not as in you do no work.)"