Michelle Thimesch

Michelle Thimesch


Crowdfund Mainstreet

Michelle Thimesch is a business and securities lawyer. In late 2018, she launched
Crowdfund Mainstreet and serves as its CEO.

Crowdfund Mainstreet is an Investment Crowdfunding platform reserved for prosocial
entrepreneurs. Prosocial entrepreneurs are folks that have positive social impact baked into
their mission. Often these companies are called Triple Bottom Line companies. In addition
to profits, they also focus on the impact they have on people and the planet.

Michelle has been a real estate and small business investor since 2007. Much of what she
has learned about investing in creative ways has come from this experience.

Michelle is a strong advocate for self-determination through entrepreneurship and
diversified investments. She believes that we can live the changes we want to see in the
world. By investing directly in companies that are making positive change, we walk our