Pierre Dubois

Pierre Dubois

Managing Partner

ProCore Advisory

"You may have noted my international greeting, as diversity defines my life and career. As the son of immigrants, I’ve experienced how hard working parents can achieve their dreams in the USA. I’ve traveled to 16 countries (for some that may not be much!), enjoying the cultures and traditions thoroughly. I speak fluent Spanish, basic French and working on Italian.

Professionally, I’ve worked in capital markets and financial communication roles helping organizations reach their goals. Each position has provided me with unique opportunities to grow professionally and establish meaningful relationships. Taking time during my career to care for family members and follow artistic pursuits has also been part of my journey.

Today I help companies achieve improved engagement with key stakeholders to build sustainable businesses.

Special skills acquired over time include the following:
* Investor relations and financial communications
* Debt and equity capital markets
* Trade and banking
* Marketing and corporate communications
* Research and analysis

Ciao for now.
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